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Customized Healthcare Benefits to Attract & Retain Members

Product Offerings

Virtual Urgent Care

Access 24/7/365 to physicians via phone, computer or notepad. Our physicians can diagnose common conditions and recommend treatment plans including non-controlled prescription medication.

Laboratory Services

Through our partnership with leading labs, our comprehensive lab services enable individuals to conveniently request “on-demand” lab testing without the need for an in-person doctor visit.

Claims Pricing Negotiation

Our claims price negotiation services aim to lower medical expenses by negotiating fair prices with providers on behalf of our members, helping members gain access quality care at reasonable costs, and saving them money.

Medical Pricing Transparency

We provide clear and easily understandable pricing information for various medical procedures, tests, and treatments, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their own care.

Virtual Primary Care

Access to comprehensive medical care from our Primary Care physicians that will provide diagnosis, treatment, and preventive care recommendations., along with receiving prescriptions, and the ability to schedule follow-up care.

Health Navigator bySun Life

Health Advisors develop a relationship with each member and that one advisor supports them throughout their entire engagement and gets them access to top medical specialists.

Claims Advocacy

Our dedicated team of experts review and resolve claim issues, liaises with insurance providers or directly with medical offices, and provides personalized guidance to members, reducing the administrative burden and improving claim outcomes.

Medical Intelligence

Our advanced medical intelligence solutions leverage data analytics and artificial intelligence to provide actionable insights into a members health.

Virtual Savings

Access an entire ecosystem of services to reduce cost, promote engagement, and maximize commission.

Everyday Savings

Access a variety of everyday savings, products, offers, and more. Designed to build customer retention and add value to your portfolio.

Healthcare Value-Added

Your resource for savings on multi-vitamins to MRI’s and everything in between.